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Muhammad Teachings about Anemogamy

anemogamy on corn trees
Islam haters who do not find loopholes to argue Quran, always turn chided Muhammad citing hadiths about polygamy. They make two mistakes at once, which is thought that all they quoted hadith really sayings of Muhammad, the latter they thought that Muhammad was with them in the perspective of the relationship of men and women.
Actually there are more "scientific" topic for discussion than polygamy, namely anemogamy. What is anemogamy? It is a topic that mentioned the Quran that brought by Muhammad and taught in Medina 15 centuries ago. Want to know how did Muhammad teach his followers about anemogamy? We consider the following explanation

What is Anemogamy

Anemogamy is the process of pollination (hybridization) in plants that occur because of the wind. Some of plants rely on wind pollination process. If there is not enough wind to blow pollen so that the stigma attached to certain types of plants between trees is not fruitful and and finally extinct. Which includes plants of this type include: corn, rice, wheat, and grass herbage.
Muhammad was not a botanical researcher who feel the need to deliver a scientific fact about pollination. Anyway Mecca Medina where Muhammad delivered his teachings is a stretch of desert, no corn, rice, wheat and grass. However Muhammad really has delivered a "lesson" anemogamy as written in Surah Al-Hijr verse 22 as follows:
Quran surah al Hijr verse 22
And We have sent the fertilizing winds and sent down water from the sky and given you drink from it. And you are not its retainers.

Some scholars have converted to Islam after reading verses of Quran which contains evidence of modern science. And for those people who are honest, this is convincing evidence to say that the Qur'an was not written by Muhammad. Allah who created the maize, rice, wheat, and grass that has revealed the Qur'an to mankind through Muhammad.

(by Adil Muhammadisa)

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