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Earliest Creature Who Live on Earth (people from the kind of Jin)

Quran explanation about the Earliest Creature Who Live on Earth (people from the kind of Jinn) can be read in QS 2 Al Baqarah verse 30. These verses describe while Adam (ancestor of all humans) are created, God (The Creator) gather All Malaikats (angels) included the entire group of Jinn. When God named Adam as the Khalifatullah fil Ardli (Leader on earth / person who was assigned to make good doings on earth),.. Malaikat (Angel) proposed few information revealed about such a bad habit of the previous inhabitants on earth. Who are they?

They are a nation of Jinn. Concerning their bad habit like spilling blood (warring) and do mischief on earth as expressed by Malaikat (The Angels), it has similarities with human nature (habit). It is not something surprising, because the nation of Jinn  in many ways more like Humans rather than Malaikat (angels). This is mentioned by the word of God in the Quran Sura 21 Adz Zariyyat verse 56

"I have only created Jinns and men, that they may serve Me."

Malaikat (Angels) are not mentioned in the verse. And there are no other information which leads to a different understanding, that the creatures of God who was given the responsibility for worship, pray and serve to God are only two types of creature, they are Jinn and Humans.

Concerning the information about the presence of Jinn on earth before Adam was created, we can refer the following explanation:

Our world today is inhabited by the Jinn and Humans. In fact, when God ordered out of the "Heaven" there only three people were ordered out, they are Adam(human) , Eve(human) and Iblis (the name of a genie). So the presence of humans is now very obvious because the whole of man is descended from Adam. But what about Jin? Are all Jinn are descendants of the Iblis? Then to have a child, Iblis mating with whom?

Not so. Iblis is the name of one of Jinn. Iblis is one of thousands or millions Jinn existing at that time. This means that not all Jin is a descendant of Iblis. And all of Jinns including Iblis and his descendants are now living on the earth together with Human (descendants of Adam), but in a different frequency (so they didn't bother each other)

So the most logical way of thinking, but still does not conflict with the proposition that the Qur’an is that creatures living on earth in the early period before the creation of Adam is the nation Jinn

(by adil muhammad isa)

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