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God And Malaikat (The Angels) Spread of The Heaven and Earth

There is no explicit information about which creature of God was the oldest, whether Malaikat (angels) or Jinn (genie). No brief explanation about " God And Malaikat (The Angels) Spread of The Heaven and Earth
But our knowledge about the age of the Universe is very much older than the age of man, made the statement that Malaikat the Angel is the oldest creature of God is very reasonable. There are few information in the Book of Allah (Qur’an), that the Angels have a special duty respectively, relating to the sustainability of the Universe
God makes all things originally was a split, spread in the constellation of forces and energy balance (Big Bang Theory) so where and what the angels do in the process of the creation?
God says in the Quran with the words Samawat (heaven / the sky / outer spaces) and Ardli (earth). Ardli or earth is where we live, while Samawat (heaven / the sky) is all objects and spaces outside the earth (ie: the sun, stars, and moon) which are arranged according to the Most Accurate Calculation. Celestial objects that form a perfect constellation which gives effect to the earth in such a way that the earth's surface could be a venue for life.
     With certain atmospheric composition, fluctuations in the earth's surface temperature became less extreme than the other planets. This affects the availability of water, oxygen and an adequate degree of warmth necessary for plants and animals can survive. It can be said as a perfect life support system

     The angel is a maid servant of God in maintaining the sustainability of the system. There is life supporting natural systems first, then grow the plants and animals can live. While Jin and Man exist after plant and animal life. That means the Malaikat (angels) have existed before God created Man and Jinn.

     Malaikat (Angel) of the maid servants of God in realizing His creations. God And Malaikat (The Angels) Spread of The Heaven and Earth to give and maintain a perfect life support system for all life creature which will live on earth.

(by adil muhammad isa)

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