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All Moslem Will Really Go To Heaven? Not So Some Of Them Will Go To Hell

ilustration of hell
Some Muslims will really go to Hell ?. Before answering we can see the following description. Many people think that all Muslims go to heaven. Not so. Quran suggests the opposite. Not all Muslims go to heaven. This means that there are some Muslims who go to Hell. How is the explanation?

Have you seen the one who denies the Recompense

"denies the Recompense" as a translation of "yukaddzibu bid deen" is the behavior of people who outwardly "religion" but actually not. In real life this guy looks exactly the same as the Muslims in general. Cap, kopyah, turban, dress, gown, gloves, and pants made no difference, all indicate the identity of a Muslim. But belief in God reward, fear of punishment of God is very thin may not even exist at all. These people assume that the same charity to waste money, help the distress is a futile act, the same prayers to waste time. They do not believe that God really will give a reply on charity and worship they do, either reply world and the hereafter.

Quran Surah Al Maauun
( 1 )   Have you seen the one who denies the Recompense?
( 2 )   For that is the one who drives away the orphan
( 3 )   And does not encourage the feeding of the poor.
( 4 )   So woe to those who pray
( 5 )   [But] who are heedless of their prayer -
( 6 )   Those who make show [of their deeds]
( 7 )   And withhold [simple] assistance.

In the letter al Mauun above clearly called one who denies the Recompense, namely:

1. rebuked orphans: those people who do not believe that God will repay the good deeds done for the sake of God's blessing, of course assume that being kind to the orphans of no use. Some people show affection towards orphans, especially in front of the public, but when the orphans were "passengers in the maintenance in his house, then with unabashedly they scold, rebuke, even abusive when the orphan was a mistake. It should if he was convinced that God must repay what he did in maintaining the orphan, of her patient, and continue to do good while expecting reward from Allah, ... not reply comity of these orphans.

2. No recommends feeding the poor: Many people feel so heavy fighting earn money to make life better. When the treasure he had collected with difficulty should be set aside in part to give to the poor, they feel, "Wow, really good right, poor ... they do not work so lazy malesan, suddenly my property must be given for give them eat,. .. can not dong, ... hard ya find money, find themselves dong .. let me know the hard earn money, save and accumulate wealth. They could, if truly believe that God must replace charity with profit doubled to 10X, 70X , 700x or a thousand X, of the people with mild will give extra money to eat the poor.

3.heedless of their prayer : People who are neglectful of prayer, there are not praying, there are occasional prayer, there is also a full obligatory prayers but do not understand what he did or he say in the prayer. For people who really believe in God certainly believe that if he uphold prayers of Allah will reward the good of grace in the form of sustenance and success in the world and the hereafter. However, because of his faith is very thin, or even not at all believe God will reply, then these people are very lazy and prayed. They are "forced" to pray the same embarrassment crowd, anxious dubbed pagan or fasiq. they fear the reproach of people but do not fear the wrath of God. They like to praise them as people who are diligent prayer, but do not expect a reply success, victory next world God has provided for the people who enforce the prayer with a sincere intention for God alone.

4. Riya '(Charity / worship not as God but as expect a reply / compliments from people): People who do not believe that God must reply to charity and worship someone would not have a strong motive to do good. Even if he did good deeds count appeared in his mind, whether people would appreciate his actions or not? whether with his charity, his position in the eyes of people more noble or not. If the prayer to the mosque he awarded Salih of society, then he did it if not then he mecukupkan himself with prayers at home. It should be one that is sure to be a reply from God does not need a reply or view count praise of man for his actions. Whether anyone know or not, the important thing he does good then hope fully only to God, not to others. People who riya 'do not receive any reply from God both in this world and hereafter. all his good deeds with Allah is zero. What they got was the praise of man indeed they expect over the years.

5. Reluctant to help with useful stuff: Even if the need to help people, ... because he had difficulty collecting treasure, .. and because he was not sure of a reply from God, ... then these people usually go help others by goods belongings that are not useful or valuable. They assume that treasure they give for the poor as well as the missing items. They release to others and be sure not to get any benefit. Yet for those who believe God would reward him choose the best stuff he has to be given to those who need it, because it believes that the reward of Allah is certain, and better than what he gave as alms.

Similarly, a description of the Muslims who will go to hell that is, those who medustakan religion, may God keep us from nature such vices. For those who possess it immediately repent while there is still time.

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