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Australian Atheist Converts to Islam after Crossing Muslims Row in a Mosque, and Almost Stepping One's Head Who was Prostrating.

aussie who converts to Islam
Australian atheist converts to Islam after crossing Muslims row in a Mosque, and almost stepping one's head who was prostrating. The next incident, after prayer, the atheists approached by a bearded pilgrim like Osama bin Laden. The atheist believes that it is the last episode in his life. His head would soon be beheaded for having outraged a group of people from the most radical sects in Islam. How does the rest of it?

I had a year with a  lot of problems happened to me. My parents separated that year, my dog died. It was a particularly tough day. I had 2 car accidents in a space of one week, and also sadly had a friend pass away that year. I think that year led me to ask some questions on lines, "why am I here?"  "what's the purpose of life?" Why di I get up in the morning? why do I even bother? why don't I just sit on the couch, watch tv.." I think I started to ask questions about purpose of life, and that led me to start to do a bit of Holy quest.

Naturally as an aussie, the first thing I did was to investigate Christianity. I had a few Christian friends and I remember going to a church camp. It was one of the funniest camp I've been to in my life. Everybody was singing. I didn't know what the words were. I didn't know what I was saying. They had beautiful voices but it just seemed really strange. And everybody was telling me how much  God loved me and I was thinking, God loves me? My dog died?" Subhanallah

So I kept investigating Christianity and I went to  a whole lot of different aspects of Christianity. So we're talking about Catholicism, we're talking about anglican Baptist, priests, pastors, And everytime I go there and ask questions, I find that they wouldn't pick up the bible and start to say "this is the answer my dear brother" They would just start answering me They would just answer from their own opinions. And I started to realize there were a lot of interpretations of Christianity and lot of people had their own interpretations. One priest from one church was believing one particular anpect of Christianity whilst another was proclaiming another.

So Istarted to thing to myself, the bible is one text but there seems to be many different interpretations an it was confusing

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