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Who is the Creator of God

"While the entire universe was created by God, ...I   ask myself,… Who is the Creator of God?" An atheist disclose this question with great pride as if this question is originally found by the brilliance of his brain, he boasted that the question be one proof of God's victory of atheism over religion. Is it True? Certainly not at all. The first mistake was when atheists think that the question is original (genie) of their brains. Though this question is actually a question that naturally exists in everyone’s mind.
But as many of the faithful have found the answer, atheists still find no answer about it. They are proud to have an "intelligent / extraordinary” question, but actually they left behind, because the answer is very easy even without wrinkling the forehead, want to know the answer?

As atheists think that question will never got an answer, they’re wrong. In fact there are two possibilities:

1. He did not want to receive the response (due to his pride)
2. Capacity brain is not sufficient to make sense of these trivial issues.

Let us briefly review these questions.

The issue of "God the Creator (creator)" and "Being Created (creature)" in fact rely on a common premise:

 "Creator (creator)" not "who created (creature)"

general premise is not something to be proven because it is a logical flow in natural human reason. This is the same as the statement "the beginning"is not "later" or statement "even" is not "odd"

However, there are atheists who think a little slow again asked, "What is the evidence of  “creator is not creature?" Certainly there is no use to answer this kind of uncommon question, because thet need no answer at all but a little memorization exercises  about “the left is not right”, “beginning is not the end”, “head is not tail” etc.

How about atheists who accept the premise? They are all failed to relate this premise to the problem he asked himself. Though only replace the word creator with word God, their “intelligent” question will have been answered directly, thoroughly.

creator is not creature changed into
God is not creature, or in other words "God the creator" is not a "creature"

so the correct answer to the question "Who is the Creator of God" is

"God was not created" because if there is something created by,  then he was not God

This last statement exactly the same as the following statement

The earliest not preceded by something” because if something is preceded by another then it is not the beginning or can not be called the earliest

It is now clear, the question that they consider "very genius" turned out to be answered very easily

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